Babies want to be held.  I’m guessing we have all heard not to spoil babies by holding them too much.  New evidence by Dr. Niles Bergman suggests otherwise,

“In Kangaroo Mother Care the development of the baby is the best. The baby is in the right place and therefore has the right behaviour. The baby is secure in skin to skin and the mother and infant bond is established early. This will mean that the baby will receive better long term emotional stability. The primary bond of mother and child is the base on which all subsequent relationships are built.
Developmental pathways of the brain grow in appropriate ways not in ways determined by stress.”

As a mother and caregiver to infants this evidence that babies need and love and want to be held makes me so glad someone is doing this research!  Way to go Dr. Bergman!  

He goes on to explain that being held, and especially giving kangaroo mother care (or skin-to-skin) is even more important to premature babies.   I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a few families who have preemie babies.  Sometimes these fragile little ones need special machines and monitors to help ensure their safety and health.  How wonderful for parents to know that one of the best things for them to help their babies thrive is also one of the most pleasurable and easiest.  Just to hold them.

Ahh.  Holding a baby always makes me happy.  I love knowing that it makes them happy too.

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