I love when parents spend time preparing for their baby arrive while pregnant.  Heather and her husband contacted me early on in her pregnancy and we did our first interview via Skype!  I love making the process of meeting me and discussing my services as easy as possible on potential clients and I was happy to offer them the Skype interview.   Eventually we met in person and brainstormed some ideas where their baby might sleep, ideas for clothes and supplies to have on hand for their new baby and more.  One of the benefits of hiring me during pregnancy is all the time we have to plan and prepare!

Heather took some time to write me a lovely testimonial.  Thank you so much Heather!

“When we had our first baby Jill was our postpartum doula.  

We met up with her prior to our baby being born, and quickly discovered she was an encyclopedia of useful information relating to babies and postpartum care, for the baby as well as the mom.  

She helped us learn how to take care of a baby, from feeding to changing to soothing techniques.  

She eased our anxieties when we had questions, and helped us build confidence in our ability to take care of our new baby.  

We can’t imagine what it would be like to go through this learning process without a postpartum doula like Jill.”

I love this sweet photo of their sweet baby.  I’m so grateful they allowed me to share her smile with all of you!

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