Royal Oak, Michigan, New Mother, and Newborn Baby who used a postpartum doula to benefit the early days of parenting.

Royal Oak, Michigan, Mom Shares about the Early Days of Parenting

Each client I work with is very special to me.  New mothers choose me to be a part of their support system and I am so grateful to be a part of their early days of parenting! 

Lesley hired me as her postpartum doula while she was still pregnant.  That makes the interview so much easier!  When you interview me during pregnancy, I am available to offer suggestions about common questions parents have about what to do to get ready for their baby. 

Royal Oak, Michigan is such a great place to work, and I am so glad I got to spend more time there while working with Lesley and her family.

Lesley shares,

“I cannot say enough great things about working with Jill.

She supported me through the first 12 weeks post partum in a way that was part professional, part mother, part best friend, part coach and a totally wonderful guardian angel!

I always felt I could turn to her for anything, however small and felt totally confident in her support.

That support extended beyond the time we spent together and Jill was always (and still is) available when I needed her – this even extended to finding a nanny running up to my return to work.

This made the adjustment to motherhood so much easier than if I had being going it alone.

I would whole-heartedly recommend anyone to work with Jill, she is a blessing.”

Thank you for sharing, Lesley! 

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