Happy New Year! 

One of my recent clients gave me a wonderful Christmas gift, a testimonial!  I don’t know if there is anything better than hearing from someone you’ve worked with and having them say beautiful things about the time you spent together.  Even her husband shared his thoughts!   He said that hiring a postpartum doula and a wedding planner is similar.  We both try to decrease your stress, and increase your enjoyment!  Great analogy!

I love to share what my clients say about working with me.  Since not everyone is familiar with working with a postpartum doula, I think it is best to hear from clients who have worked with me about their experience.

Mary in Royal Oak shares,

“A good friend of mine recommended Jill to my husband and I.  At first I was skeptical because I thought that maybe having a postpartum doula meant that I, “couldn’t handle” being a new mom.  

Then, I met Jill at our consultation and all my skepticism instantly disappeared.

As she sat in our living room and educated my husband and I about the services a postpartum doula offers her passion for what she did was evident, but I think what struck me most was how easy she was to talk to and how much she believed in doing what was best for our family.

Fast forward a few months….I gave birth to our son a week early via emergency csection. We finally got to bring our son home after being in the hospital for almost a week…Jill came over the next day and all the stress I felt melted away.

She reassured me about every insecurity I had, let me rest, and gave me advice about breast feeding.These were all things I couldn’t give myself in those early days.  

Jill came over a few hours a week for the next six weeks and I think my husband said it best as I was writing her Thank You card. He said, ”I have the same feelings about Jill as I did our wedding planner. At first I thought it was an unnecessary extra expense we didn’t need, but then I saw how much having her decreased your stress level and allowed you to enjoy the experience and I would recommend her to everyone we know!” 

Bottom line… Jill is amazing…meet with her once and see for yourself!”

Thank you so much Mary for sharing your experience with me!  I love that your husband compares hiring a wedding planner, with hiring a postpartum doula!  I am so glad to know that he went from thinking that hiring me was an “extra expense” to sharing what I do with others.  Give him a big high five from me.  

You perfectly explained so many of my goals as a postpartum doula. 

  • I want to do what is best for YOUR family, after all this is YOUR baby!
  • I offer education about breastfeeding and all things related to baby, and parenting.
  • Focus on mom, so that she can rest, eat, and be well cared for.
  • I support you so you can enjoy the early days and weeks with your little one.
  • I hope to decrease stress levels for the whole family! 

I wonder what else postpartum doulas and wedding planners have in common?  If you think of something, share it in the comments!

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Mary shared a beautiful photo of her and her baby taken by Courtney Sprague Photography.