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Colic/Reflux/Fussy/High Needs Baby Support

I’m glad you are here.  My guess is you have been searching the web trying to figure out anything and everything you could try to help your baby be more content and less fussy.  I don’t want to offer you empty promises.  But I will offer you my help with your baby.  In the past, I’ve given parents a break so they could sleep or take care of things they need to do.  More importantly, I am an expert in newborn care and will give you many tools to make life easier. 

Every baby is a good baby, some just need more from their parents.

I’ve been in your shoes, and I know that it is beyond difficult to have the most precious little person in your life be so upset all the time!  What I know is that from my years as a mother of four, and my training and my experience as a postpartum doula I have a LOT of tools in my parenting “toolbox.” 

I’ll give you support and together we’ll work through some ideas to make your life easier.  I look forward to meeting you and your baby. 

Nancy in Royal Oak shares,

Jill was a tremendous help to me, and a wonderfully calming presence in our home. As a first-time mom, I’d read so many books and loaded up on parenting theories prior to giving birth.

There was so much conflicting information that I was left confused and exhausted when my 3-week old wouldn’t stop crying. Jill empowered me to step away from the “expert” advice and parent based on my instincts. 

She also gave me amazing tools to calm my baby.
Most of all, she was a great listener and really helped me feel confident as a new parent.

After just a few sessions I was enjoying my baby daughter instead of being intimidated by her.

Jill also helped around the house, even without me asking–she’d make our bed and re-stock supplies, etc…

I would highly recommend Jill! On top of being a great postpartum doula, she’s a wonderful person that would benefit any home.”

How I will help you…

  • Newborn care – I focus on evidence based care and help parents feel confident in their choices and abilities
  • Laundry
  • Meal Preparation
  • Sibling Care, Adjustment, and Bonding
  • Safe Sleeping for Infants – either crib, co-sleeping, or bed-sharing
  • Baby Wearing (even with multiples!)
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