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Postpartum Doula Services in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Are you wondering, “How will a postpartum doula make life easier after we have a baby?”

As the owner of The After Baby Lady Postpartum Doula Services, I’m  available to answer your questions, teach, and support you, give you tips to help you feel confident in your new role as a parent.  Our postpartum doulas are highly trained/certified and look forward to supporting your family!

How long will we work together?  That’s up to you.  Do you need 2 visits to get you off to a good start?  Or daily care for 3/4 months? Or something in-between?   We are flexible to fit your family’s needs.

Services we offer…

  • Newborn care – We focus on evidence based care and help parents feel confident in their choices and abilities
  • Laundry
  • Meal Preparation
  • Sibling Care, Adjustment, and Bonding
  • Safe Sleeping for Infants – either crib or bed-sharing
  • Baby Wearing (even with multiples!)
  • Overnight Support to get more rest
  • Emotional Support
  • Run Errands
  • Educate
  • Light Housekeeping (vacuum, dishes, wiping up bathrooms and kitchen)
  • Breastfeeding Help and Support
  • H.U.G. Understanding Your Baby Strategies
  • Referrals for other professional services

We want to hire you, what’s next? 

Step 1 – Let’s meet!  Schedule an interview so I can assess your needs and answer any questions you have about our postpartum doula services.
Step 2 – Send a deposit via check or paypal.  Your deposit goes toward your first 2 visits.  A deposit puts you on our calendar so you know you’ll have the support you want when your baby arrives.

Step 3 – Schedule time with us as needed.  We offer both daytime, and overnight support.

Our top priority is caring for the new mother, next comes caring for and educating about the baby, then the rest of the family, and then household chores. 

Our post partum doulas services are meant to suit each family’s needs.   We are available for daytime or overnight care.  Overnight care can be a great time to catch up on much needed sleep and we’ll also offer valuable tips to help you feel more confident even when you are on your own. 

Typically, we work for 3 hour shifts for daytime visits, this allows us to contribute to your bonding experience in a meaningful way.   Some people like for a postpartum doula to visit on a daily basis, others prefer only 2 or 3 days a week.  Your needs will likely change over time, and we are happy to adjust to make sure you have just the right amount of care.

Discuss your needs with me and we will create a schedule together.

If you are interested in working with me please contact me via e-mail theafterbabylady@gmail.com or call 586-604-1446 to set up a free consultation/interview and we can discuss my rates.  

Already have a newborn at home?   We can do the consultation in a way that is the easiest for your new family.

Most people choose to hire me before they deliver their baby.  This is a wonderful choice so I am available to support you and answer any questions that come up before your baby is born.  

I am also available to help with breastfeeding initiation and troubleshooting should any questions arise. 

If you already have a newborn at home I will do my best to work with you based on my availability.   I suggest we do a consultation to discuss the services we offer and you may share any questions or concerns.  Please call me to set up a consultation.

*If you are interested in giving a friend or family member a few hours of my service as a gift, I offer gift certificates.

Jill Reiter, The After Baby Lady as a new mom with her third child.

Jill Reiter as a new mom with her newborn baby.

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New Dads and New Moms love the support a postpartum doula offers.

Parents have support with their newborn from a postpartum doula so life is easier!

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom of the page!

Please don’t put off scheduling an interview with us.  We look forward to learning more about your family and sharing how we can help after birth!

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Phone: 586-604-1446