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Why hire my team to offer  postpartum doula services?    

  • You’ll get more rest (day or night)
  • Understand your baby better
  • We have resources available depending on your needs.
  • We offer breastfeeding information, education, and support.
  • Bottle feeding tips and best practices.
  • Snuggle your baby while we organize and take care of your baby’s laundry, tidy up the kitchen, and make sure your home is in order. 
  • Connect with us so we can discuss a plan just for you!

Tips for after your baby arrives –

When creating this guide I wanted to go beyond typical preparing for baby lists.  My hope is that with this resource you’ll find it easier to prepare while you are awaiting your baby’s arrival!

Client’s share…

“While working with Jill and her team,
I not only felt so assured that my newborn was in the best hands – but I learned so much from her! Being a new mom there is so much you’re unsure of and lacking in confidence. Jill helped with so much of that. Whether it was feeding, bathing, or just general newborn stuff she had so much insight to offer – not only based on “what the books say” but from her own experience raising 4 kids.  I feel mostly because of her, I became a much more confident mom a lot quicker.”

Jamie from
Huntington Woods, Michigan

Jill Reiter –
Huntington Woods, Michigan
Postpartum Doula

Metro Detroit Postpartum Doula

There are so many amazing things about having a new baby!  I love my role as a postpartum doula helping families enjoy more of the intense learning phase as you get to know your baby.  I’ll also help you get more rest, and feel more confident.  

Learn more about Jill’s experience and training!

Resources for Mothers, Fathers, Parents, and Babies in Huntington Woods, Michigan –

Royal Oak Pediatrics
26657 Woodward Ave.,
Suite 200
Huntington Woods, MI

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Huntington Woods Library
26415 Scotia Rd.
Huntington Woods, MI

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Twins in Huntington Woods, Michigan

No matter how many kids you have we can help!

New mom after birth with baby skin to skin.

You’ll have more time for bonding with baby with an extra set of hands to support you.

Become a postpartum doula in Huntington Woods, MI.

I train other women to become postpartum doulas.

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