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Nurturing Care for Your Growing Family

Early parenting is like starting any new job.  It’s exciting and new but full of challenges. 
I love to make life easier for parents after they have a baby (or babies!). 
Feel free to email me call or text 586-604-1446!

Are you hoping to –

  • Have a professional take care of you, and encourage you to parent in a way that works best for your family?
  • Get more sleep with either day help or night help?
  • Understand your newborn baby’s cues?
  • Have curated resources available when you need them?
  • Enjoy empowering, knowledgeable breastfeeding support and education (including pumping!)?
  • Learn strategies for bottle feeding success?
  • Have someone else take care of some laundry, tidying, and organization?

A free gift, just for you!

The After Baby Lady's Survival Guide for Expecting Parents

Expecting a baby? This e-book will help you plan for after your baby arrives.  My hope is that it will help you prepare and set realistic expectations for your life with your new baby almost as if you have a parenting coach by your side!

This guide is full of tips I’ve shared with expecting mothers and fathers to help them make the most of the early days with their baby. 

My client’s share…

Are you pregnant?
Now is the perfect time to plan for your after baby care.

Some expecting parents feel overwhelmed with all the planning involved in having a baby.  Do you?

Let’s meet now so you are on our  calendar when your baby arrives! 

It’s typically a LOT easier to get together and discuss our services before the birth of your baby.

Then we will have plenty of time to get everything together so you feel at ease for the rest of your pregnancy.

Do you want compassionate, knowledgeable,

Not everyone has friends and family nearby or available to help them out after their baby is born.

Don’t worry!  Our post partum doulas support families all the time, and we would love to offer you knowledgeable, empowering support as your highly trained/certified postpartum doula.

Asking for help can be difficult, but you will be so glad you did!  Many of our client’s wish they had contacted us sooner.

Are things at your house a little crazy? 
Does your baby cry a lot?  We can help!

 Does your baby have reflux, colic, or is he/she a “high needs” baby?  You aren’t the only one! 

Or maybe you aren’t getting any sleep and could really use some rest?

If you struggle with keeping your baby calm and content, our postpartum doulas can help. 
We’ve worked with lots of babies who need more specialized care. 

We believe all babies are good babies. 

Send me an email and let’s discuss your questions about life with a new baby, or call 586-604-1446.

Jill Reiter, Owner
Certified Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Faculty with CAPPA

I started The After Baby Lady because I want to make a difference for parents.  I remember when I was expecting my first baby and everyone told me horror stories about life with a newborn.  Now as a postpartum doula I have the privilege of supporting each family in a way that works best for them.  “Support” looks different for everyone.  I will never tell you what to do, or how to do it, but I’ll gently guide you as you get to know your baby.   That’s what I wanted when I was a new parent, and now it’s my pleasure to offer this service to clients! 

Are you wondering about the benefits of hiring
The After Baby Lady?
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Jamie in Huntington Woods explains, “While working with Jill and her team I not only felt so assured that my newborn was in the best hands – but I learned so much from them!”
A Detroit mom shares, “Someway or another Jill made her services priceless each visit.  It was like having a fairy godmother around.”