I love babies.  I love their wrinkly skin.  I love the faces they make while they sleep.  I love how they smell.  I love all of their momentous firsts!  I love watching parents fall in love with their babies.  I love precious little ones who completely change our lives!   

The little things people say and do have been invaluable raising my own children.  As I have added each child to my family, (we are now blessed with three children) I wonder how I will cope.  What will happen with my relationship with my spouse?  Will I be able to spend quality time with my older child(ren)?  Etc.  I always end up turning to women I trust.  Friends, and family members that have gone through what I am going through.   Now I know that another woman I could have turned to is a postpartum doula.     

While I am working toward certification through DONA,  I have read about, and met so many amazing people.  I am learning to trust that I do have little tidbits of knowledge to pass on to others to make their experiences a little easier.  I love the moments where I know I can help. 

So as with everything in life it is the little things that make life sweeter.