What to call my professional self? My husband brought this up and I continue to struggle with a name that defines what I do. I am a postpartum doula.

So few people know what we do and what that title means! Mother’s Helper makes me think of helpful teenagers, assistant sounds very business related but not related to MY business, hmm not sure of another option.

Here is what a postpartum doula does…I am able to help families transition through the postpartum period. The time after a mom delivers, or adopts a baby. I work with the entire family unit partners, siblings, extended family to integrate baby into the family.

Really what I do is a little of everything. I can help. Don’t new moms want help? Even if they don’t want to admit it? With my first child I was quick to assure everyone that I had things under control! For the most part I did but why accept the bare minimum of okay? Why not ask for help and receive it from a professional postpartum doula who is trained to help?

My philosophy in life is that when I am rested and at peace everything else goes better. I am a better mother, wife, friend, etc. New moms are typically sleep deprived and overwhelmed with the awesome responsibility and reality of having a baby. Do we all agree that having support from friends and family is vital during this time? What if you could hire someone who hasn’t just been there, done that, but is educated with evidence based practices that will smooth the transition to “familyhood?” Does it somehow make you less of a superwoman to ask for help?

I think it should be a requirement for new moms to be well taken care of so that they can be at their best to do their best with their little ones.

I thought about a name for my business for a long time.  A great friend came up with “The After Baby Lady” and I love it!  Thanks Kendra!