I am a firm believer in adoption.  I was adopted at 6 weeks old from an organization in Chicago, IL called The Cradle.  My adoptive parents told me right from the start that I was special.   What a wonderful gift to me that has been. 

As a parent myself now, I wonder about the challenges my own parents faced when they brought me home.  They had tried to conceive for more than 7 years and after months of paperwork and meetings they got the call.  They were the proud parents of ME!  My mother tells the story of getting the phone call and being so stunned that instead of answering questions the placement nurse had for her she just nodded in response.  Finally, the nurse stopped and asked, “Cheryl are you there?”  My mom recovered just enough to speak and then waited to tell my father the news. 

Dad came home from teaching Physical Education at a nearby high school and found my mom sitting in the middle of the driveway crying happy tears.  Of course, he was stunned and worried at first to find her this way but upon hearing the news they cried together. 

Soon they were on their way to pick me up and bring me home.  My eyes always well up when I think of this amazing moment.  I am so blessed to have them! 

If there are mothers and fathers reading this that are considering adopting children please know that I am also available to help them adjust to the changes.   Please know that this is a topic very near and dear to my heart.