I love babywearing!  My favorite for newborns is the Moby Wrap for several reasons.  It is comfortable for mom and baby and ergonomically correct!  After a few tries it is easy to use.  It can be stuffed in a bag and is lightweight.  You can breastfeed your baby while wearing it.  You can easily check to make sure your baby is safe and comfy.  If you wear it with only a little or no clothing underneath you are practicing Kangaroo Mother Care (see previous blog) and that is wonderful for you and your baby.  The main reason is my favorite is because I can use the folds to be sure my baby is secure – hands free!   I’ve even had the pleasure of comfortably wearing twins in the Moby!  

For older babies I prefer the Ergo (pictured above).  The Ergo is super comfortable and user friendly.  It is similar to a backpack.  I like to use it in place of a stroller while shopping and I have found my kids are much happier at eye level then down in a stroller.

A few things to remember while babywearing:

1.   Wrap, sling or stow baby in a way you would normally carry them chest to chest, or on your back like a piggy back ride.  You can also use carriers, wraps and slings to carry children on your hip.   Facing a baby outward can put pressure on their spine and therefore it is not recommended you wear your baby this way. 

2.  Once you get baby into a carrier, wrap or sling give them a few minutes to get used to it and don’t give up if they fuss a little at the start.  I’ve found that if you jiggle around a bit and take exaggerated steps most babies will relax. 

3.  Like before you put your baby in a car seat try to have them diapered and fed (or feed them in the carrier of choice).  This way once they are in – they’re in! 

4.  Try to keep babies hips angled at 45 degrees, in other words their knee is slightly above or equal too their hip.  Again, this is similar positioning to when we hold them in our arms and it is the most comfortable way for them to be worn. 

5.  Enjoy!  Dads can wear babies too.

I’d love to hear comments about places you’ve worn your babies and your favorite products.  There are lots to chose from! 

Babywearing in the snow.  My little one is warm and safe on my back.