What a week!  It’s only Wednesday and it seems like everything is just crazy around here!  My whole family woke up late on Tuesday and I was an hour behind for everything that day.  There was some yucky stuff that had me all a flutter on Monday.  But it’s Wednesday now and I’m ready to make something happen and to get this week in the + column! 

Have you had days like this in your work or personal life?  In my work as a certified postpartum doula I help moms move through this feeling of “Am I doing it right?” to trusting that they are in fact on the right path and just because you feel like things aren’t going well doesn’t mean that is the reality.

Here is what I know.  We all have moments of doubt, times we mess up or let the people who count on us down.  Guess what?  We are human!  It’s better to be you, than be some perfect version of what you may be trying to achieve.  Let’s all take a deep breath together and let go of that vision of the “perfect” mom. 

Instead let’s focus on meeting our own needs, and meeting the needs of our children.  If I reframe my week to think about meeting needs I see that my family had a need for more sleep, and while I’m not advocating lateness on a regular basis, this one morning when my kids were 30 minutes late for school was a great learning opportunity for all of us.  And we all got a little more sleep than usual, which I will take as a win in our sleep deprived world. 

Let’s focus on the yucky stuff I went through.  I’m being purposefully vague, sorry!  Life isn’t easy.  Putting yourself out there in life and business means that sometimes you might have great intentions and everything still doesn’t go as planned.  Should I give up?  Should I stop doing what I love?  Does a mishap subtract from al the families I’ve helped?  Absolutely not.  I took a day to lick my wounds.  Now I’m back with more purpose and drive than ever. 

Don’t let that fear of messing up stop you.  Is fear holding you back?  What would you be doing if you weren’t afraid today?  What if you just DO IT? 

Trust and love and support are what help me move through fear.  Trust your instincts.  Love your baby.  Reach out for support so when you have a moment of doubt someone reminds you what a rockstar you are today.  Know that one bad day or bad moment doesn’t make you a bad mother.   It makes you human and resilient and an amazing role model for the littles in your life.