I created this list to help new parents and expecting parents understand how a postpartum doula can solve some of their common worries.  

“How do I know my baby is getting enough milk?”

Breastfeeding Support and Knowledge – Most hospitals provide wonderful lactation care.  After you return home, I will help make sure your latch and positioning are optimal for successful breastfeeding.  Even when things are going well with breastfeeding clients have questions and I am happy answer them so you feel confident that breastfeeding is off to a good start.

“I don’t know much about newborns, how do I best take care of my new baby?”

Newborn Care and Education – Newborns are very different from older babies.  I will support you to parent the way you want while increasing your understanding of the unique characteristics of a newborn. 

“My baby is crying!  What should I do?”

Soothing Techniques – Many new parents want to feel confident soothing their baby/babies.  I will help you learn how to parent with confidence so if baby is unhappy you know how to respond.

“How do I get stuff done and keep my baby happy at the same time?

Babywearing – I can demonstrate and suggest options for babywearing.  There are numerous benefits to parents and babies by using a wrap, sling, or carrier.  Using this tool parents will be able to easily integrate baby into their life and wearing your baby helps their digestion and can increase sleep!

“I need sleep and a shower!”

Support – I will expertly care for your baby so you can get some rest.  I also offers overnight care to help you get as much rest as possible, and I will share her tips and tricks so when I’m not there you can handle it on your own.

“We could use some help with baby laundry, and organization.” 

Tidying up – I am happy to help make your life easier by throwing in a load or two of laundry, putting dishes in the dishwasher, tidying up,  and I can give you suggestions on how to organize baby clothes, and gear. 

“Everything is so different now, when will I feel like being a parent is normal?”

Listening – I have worked with many parents to help them feel more confident and trust their parenting skills.  Consider that becoming a parent is like any new job and having a mentor like me makes the transition so much easier.

“I will have to go back to work, or leave my baby with another care provider eventually.  How do I pump and bottle feed my baby?”

Bottle Feeding and Pumping Information – I can answer questions about bottles and help you with pumping.   I can also teach you some bottle-feeding techniques that mimic breastfeeding  so you can optimize your feeding time with baby (whether you are using formula or breastmilk).

What were your top worries when you were a new parent?  Share them in the comments so I can address them in a future blog post!

Want more tips from me?  Watch this quick video A Simple Strategy to get More Sleep After Baby Arrives.