Clinton Township family

Clinton Township twp parents hire a postpartum doula to help after their newborn baby arrives.

One of my favorite parts of being a postpartum doula is that my job changes with every family I support.   This wonderful family in Clinton Township was grateful for the information I could share, and my availability both in person and via text or email.  Having access to evidence based information and knowing which professional to turn through my postpartum doula services was important to them.   Not everyone knows that this is a valuable part of hiring a postpartum doula!  Offering access to the latest research and the best professionals in the area is so helpful to new parents. 

I want to thank Irina for taking the time to share her thoughts about working with me.  She shares,  

Jill Reiter was a fantastic postpartum doula for us and we highly, highly recommend her services! We had our first child last September and she was there for us during this very exciting, challenging, stressful, and wonderful time of our life.

Jill is a wealth of information, an amazing go-to resource of all thing baby, and what’s more she has been a fantastic gateway to other resources and people for us, such as daycare, additional doula services, breastfeeding, and breast milk donation.

Jill went out of her way to be available to us despite being obviously busy with a million things going at any one time.

She tirelessly went above and beyond to reach out to us on a regular basis to see how we were doing and whether we had any questions or needed any additional help – and always, without fail, we did!

She patiently responded to panicked texts and emails about infant health, breastfeeding, sleeping patterns, and soothing techniques.

Moreover she provided emotional support and encouragement, helped my husband and I cooperate better in our new job as parents, and was there to listen to our concerns, frustrations, and woes.

Without Jill the first few weeks would have been enormously harder to get through and we are so grateful for her help.

As always, it is my pleasure to support parents as they navigate the early days and weeks of parenting. 

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Niki Collis Photography took this gorgeous photo and the family gave me permission to share it.  To work with Niki Collis check out her website!