Baby Gear New Parents I’ve Worked with Love!

Top 5 Favorite Products for Parents with New Babies

I see so many new products every year in my work with new families as a postpartum doula.  Some of these are favorites of mine as well, others were new to me but I can see why my client’s love them. 

Bamboobies –

Bamboobies Breast Pads

Soft, and re-usable Bamboobies breast pads where a favorite for many of my clients. 

Brooklyn Bamboo Swaddle Blankets –

Brooklyn Bamboo Swaddle Blankets

There are lots of wonderful swaddle blankets on the market today but these are a consistent favorite!  The designs are fun and gender neutral.  The bamboo fabric is delicate and soft.  I’ve also seen these used as a nursing cover or cute scarf!

Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System –

Dr. Brown's Specialty Feeding System for babies with cleft lip, cleft palate and more special feeding needs.

There are SO MANY great bottles out there, and not every bottle works well for every baby.  This specialty feeding system is for “infants with the following conditions – cleft lip/palate, oro-neuromotor dysfunctions, congenital heart disease, common or rare syndromic sequences and/or craniofacial anomalies,” according to the Dr. Brown’s website.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with babies with some of these conditions and this bottle is very helpful and easy to use!

Moby Wrap – Moby Wrap

I’m a huge fan of The Moby Wrap company and products!  I often wear my client’s babies in a wrap while mom/dad is sleeping, showering, or taking a break.   Once my clients see how much I am able to do with their baby snug in the Moby Wrap they want me to teach them how to use it too!  Using a wrap is especially helpful for mothers of multiple babies.  Babywearing with any product is wonderful for parents and babies!  I highly suggest you try it out!

Cloth Diapers –

Modern Natural Baby, Ferndale, MI, cloth diapers

Modern Natural Baby is a local store in Metro Detroit, Michigan, that offers great cloth diapering options and classes.  They created the display window pictured above.  It’s pretty amazing to see the difference cloth diapers can make on the environment.  I used disposables myself since I didn’t know anything about cloth diapers as a young mom.  Now that I’ve watched several clients use a system of washing, and seen all the cute cloth diapers available I can see why people choose this option.  

Thank you for reading this Top 5 list of products my client’s loved this year.  I’d love to hear about the products you loved as a new parent!  Comment below!

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