One of the most frequent questions I get about working as a postpartum doula is “What IS a Postpartum Doula?”

Many people associate the term “postpartum” with postpartum depression.  I’ve even heard the two terms used interchangeably as in, “I have postpartum.”  The actual meaning of the term “postpartum” is the time after a woman has a baby.  It’s a time period.  Experts disagree on exactly how long that time period lasts.

The first three to four months is my area of expertise.  Not only am I an expert caring for and teaching about new babies, I am also trained and certified to care for the whole family, especially the new mother.

As a mother myself, I know how valuable the experience of being cared for was to me.  It’s an honor to provide that care to other women. 

Nancy contacted me when her baby was three weeks old.  She shared her thoughts with me in this testimonial.

“Jill was a tremendous help to me, and a wonderfully calming presence in our home. As a first-time mom, I’d read so many books and loaded up on parenting theories prior to giving birth.

There was so much conflicting information that I was left confused and exhausted when my 3-week old wouldn’t stop crying. Jill empowered me to step away from the “expert” advice and parent based on my instincts.

She also gave me amazing tools to calm my baby. Most of all, she was a great listener and really helped me feel confident as a new parent.

After just a few sessions I was enjoying my baby daughter instead of being intimidated by her. Jill also helped around the house, even without me asking–she’d make our bed and re-stock supplies, etc…

I would highly recommend Jill! On top of being a great post-partum doula, she’s a wonderful person that would benefit any home.”

Thank you so much Nancy for explaining how my services helped you go from exhausted to enjoying life!  You are an amazing mother and I’m so glad working with me empowered you.  That is always my goal! 

I aim to educate, empower, and nurture new parents.

Click here to learn more about becoming a postpartum doula.  I’m offering training in Lansing, Michigan and Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2016.