Metro Detroit, Michigan Parents Share Their Testimonials...

Sara in Birmingham, Michigan, shares, “Our family moved to the suburbs of Michigan about a year before we gave birth to our second son. I was anxiety-ridden being away from family and close friends with welcoming a new baby.

A friend of ours had recommended Jill Reiter for her work and talent as a postpartum doula. We were lucky to have been given the gift of her services. From the moment of our first phone call, I knew, Jill Reiter, was the right doula for us. You could hear her smile through the phone. She exuded a peaceful charm, warmth and knowledge. Having Jill join our family for nighttime care so that I could recover the first week postpartum was a priceless gift. I was able to not only rely upon her expertise with breastfeeding, but also rest assured knowing that she was there with any question or concern that I had.

She possesses a great energy about her allowing you to instantly feel comfortable with her coming into your home to provide the much-needed support every mom deserves and needs. I now feel as though I have been given a springboard for success with my baby. He is in a great place with breastfeeding and I feel recovered and rested enough to begin this wild, fun adventure of mommyhood to not only my toddler, but also my newborn. Thank you, Jill!”

Lisa P. in West Bloomfield, Michigan, explains, “I was very unfamiliar with doulas when I became pregnant but after I was home (and I was in the hospital for about 5 weeks before the delivery), I really needed help – on all fronts.  I called Jill and she was amazing.  She was warm and filled with compassion, knowledge and understanding.  She immediately offered to help.  She was truly a life saver for me.  My baby loved her and I can’t say enough great things about her.  I learned so much from her but even more importantly, she really helped me when I needed it and she really made me feel like it was ok to need the help and get it!  Jill truly is a wonderful person and very skilled at what she does.  I will always be thankful for having found her and what she did for us.”

Lindsay in Detroit, Michigan, shares, “Jill has been a huge help and blessing to our family as we transitioned to a family of 5.  I suffered from severe post partum depression and anxiety after the birth of our second child and knew we needed some help for our third.  Every time Jill came to our home I could just RELAX knowing that someone was there to support me and love on my baby.  Jill was always so helpful in answering any questions I had and helping me talk out any concerns or problems I was having with the baby or life after baby.  Jill was a calming and warm presence in our room.  She loved on my older two children so well and they LOVED when Miss Jill came over.  I was able to catch up on sleep or shower when Jill came which is always rare as a new mom! Our new baby had a cleft lip and palate and therefore required special bottles and often had medical devices in her mouth. None of it phased Jill.  She always jumped right in and loved on our baby as if it were her own.  Our transition to a family of 5 has been smooth and enjoyable and I know much of this is due to Jill and the help that she was to our family!

Lisa S. from Birmingham, Michigan, shares, “Jill was my postpartum doula after the birth of my first son. Not really knowing what to expect or what kind of help I’d need, Jill was extremely flexible with her schedule. Also, as new mom, in the beginning I didn’t always know what help I needed or how Jill could help me. Jill is so great in those situations because of her proactive attitude and many years of experience as a mom, she knows what you need even when you don’t! So things like, organizing my son’s clothes so that the old clothes are moved out and the new clothes are moved in, stocking up the supplies at all of my changing areas, washing the pillow cases that I used for the pillows while breastfeeding. I know that last one may sound silly, but when you’re exhausted that’s the last thing you think of…well it was for me at least.

Another one of Jill’s strengths is her very practical, life as a mom advice. Many people give you advice and sometimes it’s not really what I’d call livable advice, Jill is great in this area. She knows what’s it’s like to be a mom and thus provides very practical, down to earth advice. My son is now 5 months old and I still call Jill! And last, but most important, she is excellent with babies! She loves babies and they love her! My son wasn’t the best sleeper, but Jill could always do the trick and get him to take a nap so I could rest knowing that not only was he in good hands, but he was also getting the rest I know he needed.

Jill is extremely reliable, proactive, knowledgeable and just great to have around! I would hire Jill for any future children and would highly recommend her to anyone. While with Jill’s help, I’m now prepared to do it on my own, we still miss her visits.”

Kristen in Rochester Hills, MI, explains, “Following the birth of my first child I struggled during those early days with a new baby.  I loved my son immensely but I was struggling to enjoy those early days with him.  I was overwelmed and anxious about this new roll in life.  When I got pregnant with our second child I knew I wanted that very special time, following her birth, to be different.  A friend recommended Jill and from the first time I met her I knew she would be an amazing support for our family. Because of Jill, the first few months after our daughter was born were filled with more joy than anxiety, more smiles than tears and she helped me find an overall confidence with now being the mother of two.  As is very common during those early days everyone (including myself) was focused on the baby and on my son… as they should be.  However, Jill was there to focus on me and make sure I was ok.  She helped me take time to take care of myself, so I could better care for my children.  She has a way of making you comfortable from the very beginning.  The first time she came over I talked to her like I had known her for years.  I will forever be grateful to her for helping me really enjoy those early days with two children.  That is a time you can never get back and she helped make it so special.  Not only do I tell friends who are pregnant to hire a Postpartum Doula but if they live in the area I tell them to call Jill.  In one sentence she is AMAZING!”

Christina in Fraser, MI, writes, “I am writing this letter on behalf of our Doula, Jill Reiter. On May 12th, my husband and I were blessed to introduce Francesca into this world. This is our first child. Even though we have lots of family support and guidance, I was excited to have a doula in our home for additional support. Jill came for a total of three weeks. She spent many evenings with us. 

I am forever grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Jill. She has been a lifesaver. She has called, text, and emailed me advice on breastfeeding and colicky babies. She has talked to us about what to expect, what is normal and what websites have been useful. She even introduced me to La Leche League and I have gone to a meeting with her.

I feel like I can talk to her about anything. She has reassured us as new parents and answered all of our tough questions. She almost always has answers and if she doesn’t she researches information and gets back to us.”

Juliana in Troy, Michigan shares, “We had our first baby far from our family. We decided to contract one postpartum doula and this was the best thing that we did. And choose Jill Reiter was a great decision. She is clear in her explanations , proactive and have a lot of experience with baby care. She helped us with bath, sleeping, feeding and told us how is important to stay with our young baby. She also looked around in order to see if she could help in some house organization and cleaning. And looked to us in order to see if we are emotionally fine. I really recommend Jill Reiter. “

Jackie in Washington Twp, Michigan, shares, “I had looked around extensively for help after the birth of our last child.  We had a preemie for the first time and although we have other children this was much different. We have never needed outside help and were always lucky enough to have family help, but this required much more!  As I searched around I was lucky enough to find Jill.  She came over to meet our baby and we knew right away she was the one. She was able to help us out at night with the baby so I could get a full night of sleep. She was very knowledgeable about preemies and was always there to give me good tips and answer any questions I had.  She is very warm and caring and took great care of our baby which is how I could relax and rest at night.  I was hesitant to get outside help but what a blessing she was!! i am very grateful to have met her and will always keep in touch with her.  She gave great care to my baby and became a life friend to me!”

Diana, a first time mom says, “Jill helped me immensely during my first week home with my newborn daughter.  As a first time mom with no family in the area, I really appreciated that she gave me emotional support, helped me organize and to get some good routines going, and gave lots of lactation advice and support.  She was very responsive and easy to get a hold of, and flexible with availability.  Would recommend her services highly.”

Carrie in Ferndale Michigan, mentions, “My husband knew Jill, who is the “After Baby Lady,” or a postpartum doula. Instead of assisting in birth, her goal is to educate and assist mamas after they come home, whether it be light chores, baby rearing, or breastfeeding. I reached out to her in the bleary-eyed throws of initial breastfeeding pain and exhaustion (twice!) asking for advice and she came out to the house to educate us and take the babe for long enough for me to catch a catnap. At that point in time, I had about eight hours of sleep in 3-4 days, so 1.5 hours of sleep was amazing. Then when my resolve fell away the very next night, she was so supportive via e-mail I was just blown away. She continued to check on the baby and on us and we both really appreciated her kindness and expertise. I have recommended her several times already and would go to her classes in a heartbeat.”

Barb in Berkley, Michigan, explains, “Jill was great.  She came prepared each week with helpful advice and strategies on everything from breast feeding to getting my daughter to sleep in her crib.  If she didn’t know an answer she did research and found answers for me.  But the best thing about Jill is her caring attitude, she really wants to help.  I only wish I had found her sooner.”

What people are saying about my Understanding Your Baby class…

Lisa M. in Royal Oak, Michigan, shared this with me after the class, “Although this is our fourth child, I was interested in having Jill teach the newborn class to our au pair and older children. (And as a friendly reminder to my husband!!)  She came to our home and it was a wonderful experience.  She really engaged our older kids and answered all of our questions.  We even practiced “wearing the baby” with my Moby wrap and dolls at the end.  She has so much knowledge to share, we could have talked about babies all day!  Jill is the kind of person I wished lived next door just so I could spend more time with her!”

Brooke in Clawson, MI, a past attendee of the class wrote, “I attended her last “Understanding your baby class” and it was awesome. I learned so many helpful tips. The information on your babies cues and zones were helpful in understanding what your baby is trying to tell you and needs. I wish this class was available before my daughter was born but, it will be helpful with the twins coming soon. Oh,and Jill is amazing!!! She is a great person to have on your side. She makes you feel so at ease when asking for guidance. Love you Jill! “

Alize in Troy, Michigan, says, “We were definitely looking for a class that wasn’t going to focus on birth or how to change a diaper. We got real life information on how to read your baby’s signals and what to do. We learned a lot. My husband enjoyed it and was reluctant to come at first. We are both glad we came and we learned very useful information. I would like to do more classes with Jill, probably after baby come (in May) when I will probably have a lot more questions!”

Noel in Troy, MI, says, “I thoroughly enjoyed your class and appreciated the individual attention and answers to my questions. Jill is a wealth of information.”